Convert CorelDRAW (CDR) file
to JPEG, Adobe Illustrator, PDF or EPS

We convert CorelDRAW files into other formats. If your file has unconverted fonts, then we will try to find them online and convert your file keeping original fonts and design. Such extra work will be done free of charge.

Also, if your CorelDRAW document contains more than one page, each second page will be converted free of charge. For example, if your document contains 4 pages, you will have to pay only for conversion of two of them (We will offer you extra discounts on bulk conversions).

Automatic converters cannot convert documents with multiple pages or find required fonts. But we can.

How it works:

Email us your CorelDRAW file for conversion. and specify output file format (Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PDF, JPEG, and so on). If your file is over 5 Mb, please upload it to some server and send us a link to download.

As soon as we receive your email with attached file, we start working on its conversion. If it can be converted, we send you a a link to our payment form ($6.95 per page or one-page document). As soon as we receive a payment notification, we send you converted file to provided email address.

We convert files for our customers since 2007.

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